Data Warehousing You'll Actually Use

All your data in a Redshift data warehouse

with self-managed or hosted DataDuck ETL.

Data Warehousing
load data into Amazon Redshift
Built with Amazon Redshift in mind, DataDuck ETL can extract from multiple data sources, then transform and load the data into your data warehouse. Let us know if you'd like to use something other than Amazon Redshift.
Code-based ETL Framework
for rapid productivity and customization
Managing an ETL is best done through code, since you can customize it for your specific use case, track changes in version control, conduct code reviews, and integrate it with your monitoring and exception tracking systems.
Simple to Use
quickstart in under 1 minute
DataDuck ETL is simple to set up and manage. A lot of companies want a data warehouse without having to set up something like a complicated Cascading and Hadoop system. DataDuck ETL can be set up in under a minute with the "dataduck quickstart" command.

About DataDuck ETL

DataDuck ETL's open, flexible platform solves a real challenge for your business: consolidating your data into a single data warehouse.

Our ETL platform will extract, transform and load data into your data warehouse on Amazon Redshift. With DataDuck ETL, you can have your data warehouse up and running quickly, allowing better insights and analysis over your data.

DataDuck ETL can be self-managed on EC2, allowing for greater control, security, and privacy for your data. If you would rather have us manage it for you, DataDuck ETL is also available as a hosted solution.

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