Optimizely Integration

Optimizely is a website optimization platform which includes a/b testing and personalization products.

The Optimizely integration uses Optimizely's API to fetch data for your projects, experiments, and variations, then puts them into three tables in your data warehouse.

To use the Optimizely integration, first, get an API token from https://app.optimizely.com/tokens. Then add the following to your project's .env file:


Finally, add the following file to your project's /src/tables directory, naming it optimizely_integration.rb

class OptimizelyIntegration < DataDuck::Optimizely::OptimizelyIntegration

Now, running dataduck etl optimizely_integration will ETL three tables for you. These tables are optimizely_projects, optimizely_experiments, and optimizely_variations. The results data can be found on the variations. Additionally, a dataduck_extracted_at datetime column indicates how fresh the data is.

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